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Last Mile Delivery Logistics

Indian Logistics Sector
{Shining Bright}

The Indian logistics sector is on a big growth tide. According to ICRA , Indian logistics sector is expected to grow at a rate 8-10% over the medium term.
According to the Global ranking of the World Bank’s 2018 Indian jumped to 44th rank in 2018 from 54th rank in 2014.

What is last mile delivery?

As the name suggests, last mile delivery is the last leg of the delivery process which takes place from the distribution center to user’s doorsteps. The last mile delivery can range from just a few blocks to 50 to 100 miles.
The prime objective of the last mile delivery is to deliver the package to the customers as quickly as possible , if possible same day delivery.

Growth of Last mile delivery over the period:

Same day delivery

* Earlier, a waiting period of 5-7 days was considered normal, however time has changed same-day delivery and have redefined the customer experience and convenience.

Real-time Delivery Tracking

* The customer along with the store manager can track the en-route delivery of the shipment until it reaches the customer. With this feature, the store manager can actually control the last mile deliveries.

Dynamic delivery route planning

* With the assistance of last mile logistics software, the companies can easily re-route their workforce as soon as they receive the update. This will avoid all the delays or downtimes caused by last moment changes in the schedule.


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